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Zusatzangebot Ehrw. Getsulma Losang Prime (Dr. Birgit Schweiberer) 


Gebet von Kyabje Khadro-La

In deutscher Sprache

Vajracutter Sutra

Sutra vom goldenen Licht

Sanghata Sutra


Der heilende Buddha



In English Language

Four Immeasurable Thoughts Meditation

Recite Golden Light Sutra for World Peace

Dependent Arising: A Praise of the Buddha

The Wish-Fulfilling Jewel - Medicine Buddha Puja

A Brief Meditation-Recitation on Guru Medicine Buddha (from Lama Zopa Rinpoche)

Medicine Buddha Sadhana

The Benefits of Medicine Buddha Mantra and Practice

Udamwara Lotus Flower

Blessing Medicine

How To Make The 15 Days Of Miracles Most Beneficial



Anmerkungen zum Sutra vom goldenen Licht:

One of Lama Zopa Rinpoche’s Vast Visions for FPMT is for students to recite the Sutra of Golden Light for world peace. Specifically, Rinpoche has said, “The most beneficial thing to have peace and to stop the wars is reciting the Sutra of Golden Light.”

FPMT Education Services has created a resource page to help students learn more about and start reciting the Sutra of Golden Light. You can receive the oral transmission from Lama Zopa Rinpoche, download the sutra in 12 languages, report completed recitations, share your experiences, and ask questions about the text itself.

In 2014, Lama Zopa Rinpoche told the following story to help illustrate the power of this particular sutra:

“If you have any problems or danger in your life, even just hearing or listening to the name of the Golden Light Sutra can give protection and pacify those problems. I want to tell you a story, one time when I was in Malaysia at the invitation of a rich family, I was eating lunch and just as I put the first spoonful of rice in my mouth I got toothache. So I thought of the Golden Light Sutra and how remembering it was supposed to stop the pain. I didn’t think very strongly about the Golden Light Sutra and I didn’t take very strong refuge in it, I just thought about it in passing and the pain went away.

“So I would suggest that if you have any kind of health problems such as cancer and especially diseases that cannot be cured by medicine, like black magic or spirit harm, sicknesses that doctors cannot do anything about, one very good solution is to read the Golden Light Sutra. Especially for world peace, it is unbelievably powerful to read this sutra in countries where there is a lot of fighting and killing.”

Institut Vajra Yogini decided to take on the commitment of reciting the Sutra of Golden Light as a group daily once they heard Lama Zopa Rinpoche explain the benefits of this sutra.

There are so many ways to engage with this powerful sutra which will help fulfill Lama Zopa Rinpoche’s wishes for the FPMT organization and the world.


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